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Our children are rapidly moving to Number 1
 on the list of
 'Endangered Species'
due to Suicide because of:
Bullying, Sexual Predators, Drugs
and Physical and Emotional Abusers!

This will no longer be tolerated.

We are seeking 1 Million Pledges by 

February 2016
Stand with us in adopting this pledge.

As our children's caretakers, we have failed to
with our Eyes, Ears and Heart!

  We are reaching out to parents, teachers, and the universe to join with us in a pledge to
 'listen to our children'

Let's work together to stamp out the 'silence' of their pain and show them through our support that suicide is not an option! 

We can either listen to them.... or lose them...

Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death between ages 15-23 and every 16 min. a child commits suicide according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)


 2 New Book Releases in
February 2016
1.  Against All Odds (Almanac)
2.  The Land of What If (Book)

   Against All Odds
 Almanac of Black Inventors
Past & Present
Innovators that have changed
the face of History & Destiny
A profound tool for teaching Black History year round.  
Can you answer?
  Whose brain was a major catalyst to facilitate 
 the birth of the Internet?
Who restored eyesight to people blind more than 30 years?
What if a race of people and all of their accomplishments suddenly disappeared,  would it make a difference? 
 Read the soul-stirring story at the end of the Almanac
The Land of What If!
by Farrellinea 
KJ was a typical African-American teenager who dreaded the homework assignments his teacher, Mrs. Jones, never failed to give in abundance - that is, until he and his Italian best friend Rocky was unbelievably transported to the mysterious 'Land of What If!'   This breathtaking, bizarre experience, transformed KJ from a 'lazy, I could care less' student, to a ???? 

  A must read for young and old:
                                      Sentimental Journeys
                  Reminiscences of a Street Kid
                                               by Farrellinea
A Child Becomes a Reader birth-preK farrell2u
Far too seldom a book arrives that not only stimulates the imagination but deeply pierces our inner emotions.  The author bares, in an honest and compelling fashion, feelings that people strive to share or to deny.   A poignant story entitled "Miss Louise," helps young and old to overcome emotional victimization and provides hope for those who feel trapped and disillusioned by their own environment.

 (Free Core Curriculum Lesson Plan Available on Critical Thinking)
  Great for youth groups, family discussions and classroom
 Review:  R. Nelson (Simon Gratz High School - Phila.) "best read ever... really identifies problems teenagers and adults face and gives solutions.... hard to put down... Miss Louise was my favorite story... 
M. Thompson (Fitzsimons Jr. High)... Takes me back in the day....!
My students loved it!  They laughed and they cried... It was amazing...
Lynne Dixon, English Teacher,  Simon Gratz High.
book cover final farrell2u            Marrying a Man 
      Raising a Husband     
 Holly Lashawn - Farrellinea - Katherine Ross
                                                       (2nd Print to be available by 10/2013)
                                               Due to copyright infringement issues, we ask 
                                                readers to contact us directly for purchases.
Farrellinea is a popular
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With a variety of up-coming offerings to choose from, I hope you'll enjoy browsing our website.  If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me at farrell2u@mail.com 
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