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The Land of What If! 
by Farrellinea  
KJ was a typical African-American teenager who dreaded the homework assignments his teacher, Mrs. Jones, never failed to give in abundance - that is, until he and his Italian best friend Rocky was unbelievably transported to the mysterious 'Land of What If!'   This breathtaking, bizarre experience, transformed KJ from a 'lazy, I could care less' student, to a ????  

Rocky surprised his friends and parents with a new attitude, one that is positive, motivated and ready to tackle his responsibilities like never before.  What happened to him????  

Students, Educators, Families and Youths of all ages are invited to unravel this mystery and learn from their incredible journey!   

Enjoy this fantastic adventure packed with invaluable knowledge of history and heritage that forever changed the lives of these two students and maybe yours. 

Order your copy - Soft cover, or ebook.  Beautifully illustrated by Farrellinea and Devin Alvarado.  

Orders can also be placed at: 

ipledge2listen.com - proceed are donated to this foundations because "suicide is not an option!"

 Fun-Filled, hands-on Lesson Plan available for: youth groups, family discussions and classrooms. 

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