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Sentimental Journeys
Reminiscenses  of a Street Kid
First of all, let’s not beat around the bush
 Our young people are facing serious problems, and confrontations each time they walk out the door.
  They have aTARGET on their back and it’s aimed at by criminal and sexual predators, bullies, gang-bangers, drug dealers, low self-esteem, and peer pressure. 

Teen suicide is at an all time high and in each case, the parents are left in shock and disbelief, totally unaware of the challenges their young ones are facing.

A book packed with passion that will touch the heart and soul. These are short stories, each finalized in a poem, of characters and situations that people of all races and backgrounds can identify with.  The heartaches, the struggles, the tears, the victories and humor, takes a raw look at life in a North Philly neighborhood that leaves the reader with a sense of renewal!
The ultimate lesson we learn is how to turn "stumbling blocks into stepping stones." From substance abuse, childhood sexual assaults, teen suicide and depression, Farrellinea realistically address the situations children are faced with daily.  She does more than simply address problems though; for she gives readers a sense of renewal from her own positive view of life and reinforces time and again the tremendous opportunity life holds.  
We must use every tool we can muster to 
 our children as to the
 of  every
 they make or allow others to make for them. 
 We have an OBLIGATION to instill in them a sense of self-confidence, self-worth and most of all, self-respect. 
 As parents, family members, teachers and friends, we must forge a bond of love and trust that will allow our young people to REVEAL their problems, and we must start taking those problems SERIOUSLY. And, according to statistics, we don’t have time to waste.
This book is a MUST read for young and old.  The stories and poems address issues and humor that is commonplace and transcends Race, Creeds and Color!

Great for STIMULATING DIALOG   within families, youth groups and classrooms.
Also available with a       
CORE CURRICULUM LESSON                                                          PLAN on Critical Thinking 
       A favorite of teachers and Behavioral Counselors (see reviews) 
"Our students laughed and cried, we were able to determine the type of problems many faced at home" - Lynn Dixon, Martin Luther King High, Phila. PA
"The best tool that I have used to open dialog between students"-Allison Seals, B. Fairfax High School, Lavine, AZ
"An inspirational tool to reach young hearts and minds"Bilal Sankofa A. Salaam S.B.A, Behavioral Coach, Phoenix, AZ
"An inspirational masterpiece-Farrellinea is a real story teller!  I recognize these people from my own neighborhood.  Her characters and situations cross all color barriers.      Dr. Harley Hanson, Author and Scientist (Merck Pharmaceuticals)
Farrellinea is a favorite speaker in various high schools on the East and West Coast.  She can be contacted for public speaking engagements at 678-952-4220
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Sentimental Journeys
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Sentimental Journeys
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