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Reviews from Educators: .... The Almanac is a learning tool that surpasses being recognized as a mere tool to be used in February....
 It is a "keepsake" and should be part of the classroom curriculum worldwide.  It even includes a Lesson Plan for students....Fantastic!
Great job!..... This will raise the level of self-confidence of our young people and respect from all people!
"Every time I eat ice cream, I will think of..."  G. Knight, Phx. AZ
"Every time I ride a roller coaster in Coney Island (NY City), I will remember...... M. Taylor, Atlanta GA
  "Whenever I'm in an elevator I will think of the story...What If? 
 J. Nelson, North Philly - Simon Gratz High Alumni

'My mother had laser eye surgery and she can now see without bifocals.  We never knew that we have Dr. Patricia Bath, a Black innovator to thank.  Why is it that we don't learn about the accomplishments of our people until they are no longer here?  

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A Brother’s Point of View
Bilal Sankofa A. Salaam S.B.A
Coach Bilal is a dedicated Social Entrepreneur; he simultaneously manages a career as an independent Personal-Development Coach specializing in Transformational Behavioral Development, Self-Leadership & Group Dynamics; Co-Director of Project NOW! a comprehensive Personal Development & Educational Empowerment program dedicated to the capacity building of young Afrikan American Males and President/CEO of A.M.E.N Inc. a Community Mobilization and Life Empowerment Network.
In Phoenix, AZ Bilal is speaking out, loud and clear about his ‘point of view’ regarding the release of a book entitled “Marrying a Man, Raising a Husband.”  The book, published by AuthorHouse, was written by 3 sister-friends and is a compilation of short stories and poems describing the pros and cons of married life.  The question that Bilal brings to the fore is should brothers take offense or embrace the wisdom within the pages.  Bilal uses this book to stimulate dialogue between couples in his ‘couples group’.  He focuses a lot of attention on “Behind Closed Doors,” a story about spousal and alcohol abuse, victimization, and death.  Millions of families can identify with this scenario, however, the question is why and what role does the man play.  
Through his Group-Workshops, Trainings and Private Sessions, Bilal helps men, women and couples transform their personal & professional lives. Bilal also provides his “Life-Empowerment Coaching” by phone & e-mail to men and women around the country.
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