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Marrying a Man, Raising a Husband
Holly Lashawn, Farrellinea, Katherine Ross
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If you think this is a book that focuses on the psychological or intellectual rationale of marriage, you have chosen the wrong book.  The authors strip bare many of the myths and closely held secrets that can make or break a union between two unsuspecting people; couples traveling down a road filled with lumps and bumps, highs and lows, love, affection and optimism.
           Prince Charming sometimes turns into a frog, and sometimes
 the frog becomes the beloved Prince Charming.
The authors’ stories and poems address the situations married couples are faced with daily; including the never-ending humor and pain that will make you laugh out loud or bring out a hanky as in “Behind Closed Doors.”  This remarkable story brings to light tragic circumstances, resulting from substance abuse, that afflict millions of families.
If you think about all of the things that have plagued woMEN for ages, they all began with these three letters - MEN.   What is it about M-E-N that is so appealing and at the same time repulsive?
When I think about MEN I think about:
MENopause & MENstruation which leads to
MENtal anguish and MENtal disorder, which makes us
appear to be
MENacing and suffering from MENtal confusion
   which leads to
                 MENtal infirmity until we are
                  MENtally unbalanced
at which time
                                   We are assigned to the                                 MENtal Institution of matrimony
                                                                     to Lo and Behold
Paperback (6x9)   $12.95    ISBN # 9781425936846
A must for every Bride - Young and Old
a gift that never stops giving!
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