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Against All Odds
Almanac of Black Inventors
Highlighting some of the world's greatest innovators
 in the 21st Century
Just as a garden contains flowers of many colors to make it beautiful, people are also created in a variety of cultures,races, colors and personalities that enhances our beauty. 
 The more positive things we learn about each other –
the more respect & esteem we will have for one another.
This is who we are!
emeagwali-science farrell2u
 Philip Emeagwali (Born 1954 - Nigeria) A brain behind the Super Computer which gave birth to the Internet. (emeagwali.com)
We are excited to provide a universal education regarding the remarkable contributions made by Black Inventors from  all parts of the world!
An invaluable tool for teaching
 Black History year round

Lesson Plan Available for Educators
This Almanac answers questions such as:
Pioneered the production of cortisone,
birth control pills, corticosteroids...?
Restored Eyesight to people blind more than
30 years with her laser invention?
Received a Patent for Ice Cream in 1832
 Invented a control unit for the pacemaker
     to stimulate a steady heart beat?
Invented the major unit for an Elevator?
Get your copy of "Against All Odds" & learn about:
Modern Day Pioneers
  making incomparable 
contributions in the fields of:
Read, Study & Research Together as a FAMILY
"Feed the minds of our young people - They will discover
 innovative Black people excelling in careers
 beyond their imagination!"

Raise their level of:

Self-confidence  -   Self-Esteem  -  Pride
Learn about these innovators of products and services we take for granted every day   Because...
                                 "WHAT IF?"
A thought-provoking story (at the end of the Almanac) that explores the impact on the world if a race of people, along with all of their contributions, suddenly vanished

Would it make a difference?  
Black History is not just a 1 month celebration
It is a 365 Day Celebration that affects the lives of all people!
Again.......  Because
 What If?
Take The Knowledge Out Of The Closet. 

           History  At A Glance
             Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow!
For only $9.00 - knowledge is in the palm of your hands
Special Rates for Students and Educators
Lesson Plan Available for classroom curriculum
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Against All Odds
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