Farrell2U - Motivational-Educational-Inspirational-Insightful
Publisher, Author, Motivational Speaker
Native of Philadelphia, PA (North Philly)
                       Architect of 
"I Pledge 2 Listen" Awareness Program
                                 CREATIVE WRITER/
  Day Before Tomorrow (Novel and Screenplay) in-work
  Don't Let The Jones' Get You Down (Sitcom) in-work
  Behind Closed Doors (Screenplay) in-work
  Marrying a Man, Raising a Husband (Sitcom/Play) 
Simon Gratz High School
Phila. PA
Business Course Certification
Ben Franklin Business Institute
Currently residing:  Atlanta, GA
Favorite Food - Philly Cheesesteak
(of course)
Assistant Editor, Advertising Manager and Newspaper Columnist (Phila) for 
North City Free Press (1970)
Weekly column entitled:
"What's It All About"
Founder of 'Black Orchid'
Youth tutoring and self-development program - North Philly
Motivational Speaker
3 Books
Educational Calendar
"Black Riders of the
 Purple Sage"
by Wally B.
'Nigerian Cuisine Cookbook'
'Against All Odds'
2012 Calendar of
Black Inventors
"Against All Odds"
Almanac of
Black Inventors
'The Land of What If'
Fantasy for all Ages
Co-Creator of
For our universal sister-friends who seek answers, humor and just plain back-2-basic tips and advice.
Engage in this entertaining format and make it your own!
We have even created our own signature song & dance
"Hot Flash Swag"
check out YouTube!
Integrity is how we behave when no one is looking
and what we say when no one is listening
I have ALWAYS wanted to SING!
However...my voice just won't cooperate
My Favorite Job
Administrative Assistant to the Late Mr. John Moultry, President of the Philadelphia Entertainers Association.  He was married to Willa Ward of the renowned "Clara Ward Gospel Singers."
Favorite memories of People you may know!
Morris Gardner
My Cuz
(When We Get Married)
Mr. Georgie Woods,
(The man with the Goods)
DJ on WDAS - Philly 
MaMa Clean Head
(Ms. Gloria Pittman)
Blues/jazz Singer &
 First Black Bald-Head
 Lady Comedian
Ms Pearl Bailey
Renowned Singer
She would sneak us in the Uptown
Theater (Philly) for free!
The late Harold Melvin
(Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes)
Practicing in our Basement
My Heart
Original music by D. Garris / Inquire to Nrvibe@msn.com
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